Academy of Science has endorsed GMO ??

The Nigerian Academy of Science recently endorsed the country’s experimenting with Genetically Modified Organisms/Foods, generally known as GMO/GMF reports Greg Odogwu

According to him,it is sad that the GMO controversy found Nigeria in such a situation as we are today. There is now a thin line between fiction and reality. Truth is, both the proponents and opponents of GMO can splice the two and effectively deny Nigerians the opportunity of knowing the true situation of things. Note that I did not say “knowing the truth”; because in the issue of personal, and national, survival truth can be elusive.

Like I have always maintained, GMO is a new technology we must be extremely strategic in adopting as a country. Not only should we be environmentally conscious in its consideration, all parties involved must be very patriotic. At a closer observation, one can easily notice that both sides of the GMO divide are dancing to the drumbeats of an invisible player.

The proponents of GMO in Nigeria have alleged that the hue and cry against GMO adoption is articulated and sponsored by individuals and non-governmental organizations that are not well-versed in the application of science. That this group of activists over the last decade continually propagated messages calculated to instill fears in the minds of Nigerians using the media landscape to spread the unscientific rumours about GMOs.

The anti-GMO activists on the other hand, maintain that the progress of GMO approval in the country and its mainstreaming in the agricultural sector is orchestrated and bank-rolled by multinational giants from the Western world who are targeting the large market potential of the country.

Dec 08 2016

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