At the last count, about 3 Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities are facing allegations bordering on stealing fraud and mismanagement of University funds. The years 2016 and 2017 have been particularly bad for tertiary education in the country. In previous times, professors were respected in their dignifying aloofness by the society who expected much in terms of research from them . They shunned unearned money and embraced spartan self discipline and living. The belief then was that primitive acquisitions were sources of foul distraction that could not do the society any good. Theories were verbalized to support of their action and in submissive respect, the society left them ‘on their own’. In fact they ‘avoided’ unnecessary pecuniary advantages. So what has changed between then and now. Is the bug of poverty now more biting that the don has to drop his earlier cherished ideals?. But there was poverty(or if you like, frugal living) then also and was satisfied, even if grudgingly. So, why is he no longer satisfied.

If the academia is corrupt, then is there any reason why the moral free fall in the society will abate ?

The academics in Nigeria need to have an urgent meeting, if you like call it national conference on this issue, before universities are rendered worthless. One also expects the Committee of Vice Chancellors to respond swiftly and decisively

The Nigerian universities need to be saved and the time is NOW

posted 15 Feb 2017

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