Bill  Gates Denounces GM Foods



Bill Gates has denounced the production and consumption of Genetically Modified foods. He claimed not to be involved in scientific research but in improving food productivity and enhance human health and reduce poverty.  He spoke through  Dr Audu Grema, the Senior Programme Officer, Agriculture in the West African Office of the Foundation

This was reported in The Vanguard newspaper of Wednesday 14 Sept 2016.  On the reports that Gates was a major propagator of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), the programme officer refuted the assertion, saying that the Bill Gates had no connection with GMOs. According to him, Bill Gates has no interest to promote agribusiness, so we are denying that we did not bring GMOs into Nigeria. “Bill and Melinda Gates are not farmers; they are not into agricultural services; so, to think they will promote GMOs just to promote their businesses interest is very wrong. “I will be in complete denial that we have nothing to do with these big commercial agricultural farms that have been cited in some of the articles in Nigeria. “The foundation does not have anything to do with GMOs even in Nigeria and abroad. “No connection with the big industrial agricultural concerns which people are alluding to. “People making such assertions are morally wrong,’’ he said. Grema commended the `Green Alternative’ currently launched by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. He said the agricultural initiative was a step toward fighting poverty and food security in Nigeria.

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