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Since the independence of  Nigeria, I cannot remember any government that consciously directed the workers and political office holders to patronize state owned institutions like hospitals and schools. In other words, public schools are for the poor. The net effect of this unpatriotic action is that public institutions belonged to nobody special. So they can be ignored and no one with voice will complain.

A major reason for the hot calls for restructuring is the gradual slide of state facilities towards the gutters in terms of quality and maintenance.

So when it is reported that El Rufai instructed senior officials of the Kaduna state government to possess the public schools for their wards, it was a kickstart of some sort. It is populist and productive. It will make the officials to strive to enhance the quality and productivity of such institutions

Perhaps this is the kind of thing we need , the thing that will touch the lives of the poor people , not mere music of echoing political redistribution that will still favour the elites and their  family members.

President Buhari and other state governors should move towards this type of dividend.

Jan 2018


19 prisons to be closed down

The Netherlands is reported to be contemplating closing down up to 19 prisons because of the dearth of criminals. This should be attract global acclaim

This is one of the few non food related news that this site still believes is newsworthy

Can African countries please take steps so that they can also arrive at this point ?

It shows good governance is in place in The Netherlands. All other countries of the world should be made to copy the country




by sfoodfee

About 1 year ago it was reported in virtually all Nigerian newspapers and even social media that 6 crops from Nigeria had been banned from entering Europe for the next 12 months … ending June 30 2016. The offence was AFLATOXIN and PESTICIDE contents at levels higher than acceptable. And that this infraction had been repeated over time sometimes warranting alerts and warnings from the importing countries . It was a sad new and a source of worry for the mycotoxicologists, commodity exporters and  farmers  as well as other stakeholders. Even legislators were reported to concerned about the ‘6 crops’ that it was raised on the floor of the legislature.
However,  you will be shocked to read that
1 Such ban on 6(six) Nigerian  crops was a FRAUD. It never happened. The dishonest publication must be disregarded, at least to put the record straight—for the benefit of the academia, health sector and international trade
AFLATOXIN was never implicated in  any ban  even though Nigeria has been having a running battle in that direction over the years. I am aware of RASFF notices on some export items e. g melon.
3 Only 1 (one) crop was involved—-DRIED BEANS. The EU parliament , in the original document made available to SFFF, was clear on this
4 Only 1(one) contaminant –Dichlorvos –was involved and implicated
1 Where did the original false information come from ?  Who sponsored it? Who made the Press release?
2 What was the intention of the author(s) of the misleading document?
3 All of the crops earlier listed –beans, sesame, groundnut , palm oil, meat and fish products and melon are the main focus of an average Nigerian farmers/exporter
4 Why was AFLATOXIN mentioned when the EU did not talk about it?
5 Was there any attempt by  solution providers to embarrass Nigeria by ‘criminalizing’ Aflatoxin and making Nigeria culpable in the eyes of the world? …..  so as to make their products sell at all costs?
6 Is there no need to express discretion and circumspection in handling comments  and reports  that are capable of affecting the quality and export value of our agricultural commodities?
7 Is the name ‘aflatoxin’ now a franchise in Nigeria  and perhaps beyond?
12 May 2016


It is clear that the PDP in Nigeria will give rise to a new party very soon as notable members are now strategizing on the way forward for the party following its relocation from the government to the opposition. One of the options being considered is the floating of a new political party that will group together politicians from the PDP and other groups  and  ‘friends’ from the APC . Last week, some northern elements in the party met in the house of a former governor from the North to finalise former move. A former South south senator has been empowered to further reach out to the south west in order to woo  undecided politicians. Also a former  governor in the North west is talking to his colleagues from the zone to close ranks and field a strong candidate in 2019 elections.

The next meeting will hold next month in a North east capital city