Corruption and terrorism in Nigeria

Faces of corruption

 Over the years, illegal imports of items including arms have been going on with govt officials turning away  their  eyes. The direct  result is what we are now witnessing—-thuggery, robberies, Book Haram, kidnappings

The youth of the country with no  means of livelihood are no results to  crime, some cool eg cyber others violent eg robberies. Also there have been cases of unresolved family violence between father and son, mother and son and husband and wife


All unemployed youth should register and  get  employed  as state intelligence network officer. At the same time, all illegal small arms should be turned in within a deadline after which holders become liable to prosecution . People who give credible information on corruption and arms should be rewarded with promotions and appointments not cash.  Elected offices should provide such employment  to the youth as they would give their own children.

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