The Food Sovereignty profile in North Africa is captured by a 30- page write up by 2 brilliant writers who focus on way forward to achieving self sufficiency not minding the negative impact of COVID-19

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Towards a Just Recovery from the Covid-19 Crisis: The urgent struggle for food sovereignty in North Africa


Ali Amouzai is an activist and researcher from Morocco. He is a member of Almounadil-a
movement (a revolutionary socialist labour movement) and an activist within the February
20 Movement. He has written research papers for a number of networks, including ATTAC-
Morocco and the North African Network for Food Sovereignty.

Sylvia Kay is a political scientist. She joined TNI in 2011 as a researcher working on issues
around land tenure, natural resource governance, and food systems. She has written various
studies and policy briefs for TNI on land and water grabbing, the role of public policy in rural
development, and different models of agricultural investment.


Dele Fapohunda

Oct 2021

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