Is the introduction of GM foods the answer to the climate change induced food shortage in some countries of the world? This is the question on the lips of many scientists and policy makers According to  Anjali Thomas,   research is on going in the area of producing crops that are resistant to the effects of climate change. Wheat and rice are the current candidates for the trials as published by Forbes India.  This optimistic note is shared in Cameroon , a West African country, whose Academy of Sciences and the national biosafety committee. The country believes that Gm trip cam can guarantee food security and safety .  All these in spite of agitations across other nations of the world on the dangers inherent in the consumption of GM foods by man and livestock. Has Nigeria taken   a stand on GM foods . If so are they labelled such that pone can make a guided and informed choice.  Remember the message on the pack of cigarettes!!!!

What’s your take  ???


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