Both maize and soya production are likely to increase in Nigeria coupled with steady reduction in importation, The farmers are likely to smile to the banks in the months ahead. Going by the paradise-projection by the President of Poultry Association of Nigeria Dr Oduntan, its indeed eureka for farmers , feedmillers and the producers of poultry and its derivatives. Great. One significant aspect that merits mention is the safety .

Farmers and exporters are advised to focus more on contaminants on these poultry feed ingredients. Making them safe in terms of compliance with global standards on mycotoxins and pesticides residues is a guarantee of high economic and nutritive value at the European markets.

A nexus between agriculture and health has given greater responsibility to agriculture. This is because good agriculture transforms to good health. Arising from this, in Nigeria , the Senate Committee on Health invited Stakeholders to a meeting  on June 3, 2016. The Mycotoxicology Society of Nigeria and other institutions like the SON, NAFDAC, CPC  were also invited

The report will dictate the road map for food safety and Health in Nigeria


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