Most housewives in the developing countries, grind their soup ingredients in public grinding micro-industry. Such method leaves room for reduced hygiene because the machines are not cleaned regularly as required by safety guidelines. More scaring is the effect of iron filings on the consumers of such soup. Persistent use of the grinding machine and installment release of iron filings into the ground ingredients is a source of scare. Consumption of these materials at levels not easily noticeable might lead to their accumulation in the various body organs leading to morbidities and possible eventual death. The metal used for the grinding disc is not the refined type and so it easily wears out and released residues as filings. Iron filings have also been reported in tea to a litigation level Pepper, tomatoes have implicated as possible carriers of these byproducts of grinding. At some point, it could become a subject of litigation  as recorded on tea. A few companies are however, manufacturing better discs that can resist or reduce friction-induced filing release. This underscores the role of mechanical engineering in  achieving food safety

Safe food is the responsibility of all food consumers. Let s be responsible

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