Lessons from Ekiti election

That Fayose has won Ekiti governorship election is no longer in doubt. Even the incumbent Fayemi has admitted that. Now lets review  afew  lessons

1    Articles in Newspapers don’t win elections, the Politian himself does. Otherwise with the regular columns in a newspaper s openly sympathetic to the Fayemi, it would have a walkover. But the writers forget that the last time such outing was made in National Concord, everybody knew that the Concord did not win for Abiola, Abiola won for himself. Having  an ability to cut through barriers, religious and ethnic with a knife-in -butter ease, kit was clear MKO was indeed the one to beat.. Therefore for the Presidential election still coming in 2015, more of attacks on the President should be done on pages of newspapers, because it may not yield the desired result. Let each candidate come out and identify with the jobless, the hopeless, and the  frustrated.

2     Activism is different from political astuteness. This is why  the Nobel laureate may not win an election in his place of birth even when it is clear that he has all the ideas. When Fayemi focussed on the elderly by giving them monthly stipends, Fayose aligned with youth who are unemployed and promised the gainful employment. Whether the promise is achievable is a topic  for  another   day. Remember, the elderly are few in n umber and had no capacity to mobilise due to obvious old age, while the youth are more in number and having the energy to  move and mobilize. Again, sometimes reality   and hard facts can be counterproductive when communicated to the hungry. Ekiti is a state of teachers and civil servants. It is the height of political foolishness to denial them the simple rights they used to enjoy. Panicky appeasing measures , few days to   election would not fly.. Another bitter issue in the south west is the belief that all contracts awarded in Ekiti, Osun, Oyo, Ogun and Edo are been vetted and captured by a man in Bourdillon. The residents of these states which are collectively poorer than Lagos expected rightly that these contracts belong to them. This                 ‘Ajel e syndrome ‘  is another sour point  which is critical to the election in Osun coming in few days time.

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