The Federal government’s intention of establishing research institutes included the dissemination of research efforts in a way that can benefit all Nigerians and humanity in general.
There are many advantages of showcasing the research activities of your organization which has been noted for excellence under your administration.

These include:

• awareness to the world
• opportunities for international collaboration
• opportunities for international grants and fellowships
• patents and other intellectual property can be presented to potential investors. This in itself is capable of generating more funds and make your establishment to be a self -sustaining, or better still revenue- yielding unit of the government Any proprietor(in this case the Federal government)desires this approach and will always be proud of your leadership

sfff has the capacity to regularly collate your reports and upload same on her website. All food, feed and general agricultural activities are attractive to us.
We will be delighted to be part of your success story always

Kindly invite us at your earliest convenience for interaction and fruitful partnership.