PESTICIDES in RICE: Achieving harmony in global standards, courtesy FAO

Difficulty in designing food policy at all levels easily invites the need to  there are 2 sections to the publication which focuses on rice. Part A identifies the level of harmonization in main rice producing and trading countries and explores the possible effects on trade, while Part B investigates the reasons behind differing levels of harmonization.


The publication, that just came out  in 2020,  will no doubt enhance food safety and international trade. Unfair trade arising from diverse forms of food fraud will embrace a reduction if the 108 -page publication is  put to use. This is a commendable outing from the FAO  of the UN.

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​FAO. 2020. Understanding international harmonization of pesticide maximum residue limits with Codex standards: A case study on rice. Rome.


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23 Aug 2020

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