Since the independence of  Nigeria, I cannot remember any government that consciously directed the workers and political office holders to patronize state owned institutions like hospitals and schools. In other words, public schools are for the poor. The net effect of this unpatriotic action is that public institutions belonged to nobody special. So they can be ignored and no one with voice will complain.

A major reason for the hot calls for restructuring is the gradual slide of state facilities towards the gutters in terms of quality and maintenance.

So when it is reported that El Rufai instructed senior officials of the Kaduna state government to possess the public schools for their wards, it was a kickstart of some sort. It is populist and productive. It will make the officials to strive to enhance the quality and productivity of such institutions

Perhaps this is the kind of thing we need , the thing that will touch the lives of the poor people , not mere music of echoing political redistribution that will still favour the elites and their  family members.

President Buhari and other state governors should move towards this type of dividend.

Jan 2018


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