The  NEW FARMER S ALMANAC  VOL 5, 2021,  THE GRAND LAND PLAN has just been published  by Greenhorns, an organization based in Maine, USA which believes in the reformation of Agriculture for humanity to survive on this planet . It does this by focussing on ecological farming harnessing data and facts from diverse stakeholders including researchers, artists media producers and other collaborators

The 2021 Almanac has contributions from seasoned experts who linked with history to generate ideas and facts that can lead to sustainable and healthier planet

‘What is left is left for us’ to manage sensibly particularly now that there is a growing demand for rural land. The history of colonization of indigenous land, the activity of the minority and other events are to combine to dictate the mode and style of celebrating the 10th Earthlife day

Every statement in the 12-month Almanac  comes to the conclusion of the need to carry out earth repair and replacing trauma with healing as the only route forward for humanity

It is a must read not only for stakeholders in agricultural production, but also those in processing, storage and safety in food value chain and environmental remediation

The 399-page report was edited by Severine von Tscharner Fleming(Editor in chief) and Brian Olson(Lead Editor). Its printed by McNaughton and Gunn.


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Dele Fapohunda Ph.D

14 March 2021

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