Trial Of New Genetically Modified Rice In Nigeria


Summary posted by Meridian on 12/14/2015

Source: (14 Dec 2015)

Author(s): May Mary

A new genetically modified (GM) rice has been approved for trial by the Nigerian National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA). Rufus Ebegba, the director-general of the agency, said the trial of the rice, which is more efficient with regard to nitrogen and water, would occur at the National Cereals Research Institute in Niger. The agency has also given approval for confined field trials of cassava with increased levels of vitamin A, he added. Ebegba said all companies and institutions involved in biotechnology must register with the agency, as it will begin prosecution of unregistered companies in January. “The National Biosafety Agency Act is the only safety net and valve in the adoption of modern biotechnology and the use of GMOs for national development. The agency has the capacity to give Nigeria the desired holistic biosafety in a transparent manner, so that the nation can benefit maximally from modern biotechnology without compromising the environment and human health.”

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