When in 2015, the European Union placed a 1-year ban on Nigerian exported dried beans regarding the presence of pesticide at a level above the acceptable, little did anyone know the issue may not be easily resolved afterall. Even with the 3 year ban extension put in place in 2016, and the series of activities geared towards meeting the 2019 tyarget , it seems the ban is in place afterall.
A stakeholders meeting was held in May 2019 to review the ban and to conside possible lifting of same. Till date it seems a few unresolved issues are still outstanding

With the support of organizations like the UNIDO and a few international bodies,in packaging approving and implementing the ZERO-REJECT initiative, it becomes worrisome what are the EU still looking for. It is clear that the EU was not totally satisfied by the level of remedial measures Nigeria had and has been putting in place

One hopes that the ban issue is quickly resolved so as not to spill over to the year 2020, even when undeclared

Oct 2019

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